SANNY Product Information

Where is SANNY hand sanitiser made?
We make SANNY right here in Australia. Yes, that’s right!

Supporting our local communities and frontline healthcare workers, we are proud that our hand sanitiser is produced here in Australia and meets recognised standards for medical-grade hand hygiene.

Our quick-drying spray formula has been designed to protect you against harmful germs and bacteria, whilst leaving your hands moisturised and hydrated - making SANNY the best hand sanitiser in Australia!

Now more than ever, hand hygiene in Australia and around the world has never been more essential. For ultimate hand hygiene, experts recommend washing your hands with soap and water but when you do not have access to a sink you definitely need a portable, alcohol-based solution and that’s where we come in.
How do I refill SANNY?
We’ve designed SANNY to be easily refillable while keeping you stylish on the go!

1. Twist your SANNY so the spray cap is visible.
2. Simply pinch the cap and pull out the SANNY from the casing.
3. Grab your new refill and slide it into the protective casing.
4. Now you’re ready to spray all day!

Our refills are affordable at only $4.99 each! Check out our refill options here.
Does SANNY have a scent?
No, our SANNY Hand Sanitising Spray is odourless. No fragrances have been added to our hand sanitiser formula to avoid diluting the medical grade (80% alcohol) concentration which protects against germs that cause infectious diseases. Not only will our alcohol based hand sanitiser leave your skin feeling fresh, the formula is also super hydrating and suitable for sensitive skin.

*Don’t forget to read the label on the packaging for a full description of ingredients used.
What size is SANNY?
SANNY is the perfect travel sized (11 x 3cm) hand sanitiser which easily fits in your lifestyle and literally in your bag or pocket. SANNY is the perfect companion at the races, music festivals in the office or on the commute. You’ll never want to leave the house without it!
How many sprays per bottle?
There are over 150 sprays per bottle with typically no more than 1 or 2 sprays required per use (unless you’re sharing with friends ;)). A single spray delivers the perfect amount of hand sanitiser that you need.

Everything Else

Is SANNY sustainable?
We’ve done everything we can to keep SANNY sustainable. Our SANNY refills available on our website are made from glass that can be reused or recycled to reduce single-use plastic waste.

SANNY is designed to be your long-term buddy, housed in your very own stylish, protective casing of your colour choice!

Our packaging is also made out of recyclable cardboard making it fully biodegradable and sustainable.
Can I only buy SANNY Hand Sanitising Spray online?
Currently, our hand sanitiser is only sold within Australia via our website. However, if you live in Australia and would like to sell SANNY hand sanitiser online or in store we’d love to hear from you!
Do you ship internationally?
At this stage, due to the overseas shipping restrictions caused by coronavirus (covid-19) we do not ship overseas. However, we are currently investigating our options for international shipping and once restrictions ease we’ll be doing everything we can to take SANNY worldwide! To keep up to date with the latest shipping options, take a look at our shipping page.
Can I use SANNY on other surfaces?
Of course you can!

SANNY doesn’t just protect your hands from harmful germs, but can also be used for disinfecting your work space, phone, door handles and any other touchpoints. Unlike traditional gel hand sanitiser, this is a multipurpose sanitiser that’ll not only protect you but also the space around you.
Can I use my own sanitiser to refill the bottle?
After you purchase your first SANNY, you have the option to buy just the refills for only $4.99 each. Otherwise, you can refill the glass cartridge with your own liquid solution or recycle the bottle.

*Please note, hand sanitiser gel cannot be added to the glass bottle as the solution is too thick and will damage the spray pump.